Work Ethic Certification

Greater Clark County Schools’ College & Career Readiness (CCR) initiative began with the development of the district’s strategic plan by a committee of over seventy stakeholders. The stakeholders identified college & career readiness as a goal: “By 2018, Greater Clark County Schools’ graduation rate will meet or exceed the state goal and ensure all graduates are accepted topost-secondary education or employment opportunities.”

Partner With GCCS

One aspect of the College & Career Readiness initiative is the Work Ethic Certification program. The Work Ethic Certification was once provided to high school students in Indiana through the Department of Workforce Development. With the Certificatehelp of our College and Career Advisory, Greater Clark has developed a Work Ethic Certificate that will provide confirmation of a student’s soft skills (responsibility, punctuality, teamwork, etc.) to post-secondary educational institutions and employers.

High school seniors can elect to participate in the Work Ethic Certification program. As a participant, students will be measured in nine areas of academic and work ethic competency. Students must meet the criteria and gain points within each area to earn the certification.


Five subjective measures, as defined by the district’s P.R.I.D.E. initiative, will require three teacher signatures stating the student has met the requirements. The district has combined PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) and CCR skills to develop our P.R.ID.E. initiative for students.

Persistence – persevere through challenges, problem solve
Respectfulness – access and serve others, possess a positive attitude, communicate clearly
Initiative – ability to self start and to think critically
Dependability – academically ready, reliable, demonstrate responsibility and teamwork
Efficiency – organized, punctual, self managed.

Four additional objective competencies will be obtained from the district’s student management system, Powerschool, to indicate competency in measurable areas (i.e. G.P.A., attendance, etc.).