Pathways to Success

Students enrolled in Greater Clark County Schools receive a foundation of PRIDE© and work ethic skills on which to build academic achievement and career/experiential learning.


Learn that strong work ethic skills are essential for success


Maximize education to best prepare for college and careers


Apply work ethic skills and academic achievement to college and career exploration


GCCS graduates learn that strong work ethic skills are essential for success.

The GCCS PRIDE© program builds students of strong character who strengthen the community.
• Persistence
• Respectfulness
• Initiative
• Dependability
• Efficiency

Work Ethic Certificates are earned and recognized by area employers.
• PRIDE© Skills
• 98% attendance and models positive behavior
• Meet community service and graduation requirements

GCCS graduates take ownership of their career path.
• Self-aware
• Drug-free
• Take initiative
• Well-rounded
• 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinkers, Creative, Communicators, Collaborators


GCCS graduates maximize education to best prepare them for college and careers.

Their education provides:
• Innovative academic pathways
• Proficiency with skills unique to the academy and pathway of their choice
• Transferable skills applicable to all careers
• Exposure to the use of technology as both a learning tool and a skill-set
• Effective communication training and the merits of personal responsibility
• Preparation to perform well on metrics of measurement, i.e. ACT, SAT and WorkKeys assessments
• Instruction focused on attainment of strong literacy and numeracy skills
• College credits and/or certifications within the academy learning model


GCCS graduates apply work ethic skills and academic achievement to college and career exploration.

Each will:
• Understand the applicability of today’s classroom learning into tomorrow’s workplace through:
– Academy Fairs
– Job Expos
– Job Shadowing
– Internships
• Capitalize on resources such as College & Career Centers and Academic Guidance
• Connect with business mentors within areas of interest
• Present capstone project directly tied to business applications
• Focus on culturally-aware and globally-minded learning
• Develop a career pathway that aligns with interests

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