How Will The Academies of Greater Clark Work?

Students will take required courses in their academy for the majority of their school day while still being able to select courses in other areas of interest.

In 9th grade, students will enter the Freshman Academy. This yearlong introduction to The Academies of Greater Clark provides students with the skills they need to transition to high school while allowing time to explore career interests and opportunities. Students will then select an Academy for their sophomore through senior years.

The majority of their school day will be spent with their Academy Cohort – a small group of students and teachers who remain together through sophomore, junior and seniors year. Classes will consist of core subjects like Math, English, Social Studies and Science, as well as classes that directly relate to a student’s Academy. Students will also have room in their schedule for electives such as art, music, and world languages. It won’t be uncommon for students to spend part of their school day outside the school building by taking a field trip, participating in an internship, doing job shadowing, or any number of other experiences students can’t receive in the classroom.

If a student feels they are in the wrong academy or find their passion lies in another academy, they will have the opportunity to move to another academy.

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