What are the Academies of Greater Clark?

The Academies of Greater Clark are small learning communities. 

Students and teachers are organized around career fields and areas of student interest. These groups are designed to leverage student interests in a way that drives academic engagement. 

Our students have the opportunity to connect with their peers who have similar aspirations and with educators who help them make meaningful connections to their plans for the future.

The Academies of Greater Clark

1.) Business & Entrepreneurship Academy
a. Finance and Accounting
b. Information Technology
c. Business and Non-Profit Management
d. Communication and Marketing (Radio/TV – Journalism)

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2.) Health Services Academy
a. Patient Care
b. Dental Services
c. Pharmacy
d. Bio-Medical Science (Project Lead the Way)

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3.) Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing Academy
a. Engineering (Project Lead the Way)
b. Advanced Manufacturing (Conexus)
c. Logistics Management (Supply Chain)
d. Building and Skilled Trades

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4.) Public Service Academy
a. Law and Public Safety
b. Education
c. Hospitality and Agricultural Science
d. Civic Arts

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